NEW YORK, NY (6/7/23)—Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in the United States, which is held annually in Los Angeles, announced the attendance of Kafka Asagiri, the author of the hit manga series Bungo Stray Dogs, as a guest of honor. Leading up to the release of the fifth season of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime, Kafka Asagiri will attend a North American convention for the first time, allowing the immense Bungo Stray Dogs fan base to meet and learn more about the creator of the iconic property.

Following its debut in December 2012, Bungo Stray Dogs became one of the world’s most popular manga series due to its stylish character designs, compelling story, and novel references to famous authors from around the world. The anime adaptation of Bungo Stray Dogs debuted in April 2016 and through the years has turned into a much beloved property in the hearts of fans. The immense popularity of Bungo Stray Dogs has led the series to become one of the most successful in Yen Press history—success seen not only in the original manga but with the light novel and manga spin-offs as well.

Kafka Asagiri will participate in a panel hosted by Yen Press titled Meet Kafka Asagiri—Creator of Bungo Stray Dogs, which delves into his life and the creation of Bungo Stray Dogs. Other Anime Expo activities involving the acclaimed creator will be announced at a later date.

Anime Expo takes place in Los Angeles, California, from July 1 to July 4. For more information, visit

About Kafka Asagiri

Kafka Asagiri is creator who made his debut as a manga author with Bungo Stray Dogs, which began serialization in Young Ace in December 2012. The innovative setting, in which characters modeled on real-life literary giants fight with special powers, was much talked about, and the series grew to become very popular, spawning anime, stage, and film adaptations, as well as its own novel version. His other works include Ayane Shinomiya Never Makes an Error and Guilty Children.

About Yen Press, LLC

­­Yen Press, LLC is a joint venture between Kadokawa Corporation and Hachette Book Group. Founded in 2006, Yen Press has quickly risen to become one of the largest and most prolific publishers of manga and original graphic novels in the North American marketplace and a driving force in the introduction of light novels and Japanese literature to new readers through its Yen On and Yen Audio imprints. For more information, visit

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