On today’s adventure, Colton & Sakaki continue their way through the first Dragon Ball TV anime with Episodes 2 & 3, as the show becomes an odd couple sitcom for a little bit, at least until our heroes have to go back to fighting bears, helping lost turtles and finding more dragon balls. Our hosts cover a lot of ground for only going through two episodes, such as what they like about the animation and pacing of the show so far, and their positive feelings on the original material starring Pilaf and his gang, as well as their complicated feelings on the character of Muten Roshi. They even talk about more stuff that no one else cares about, like what kind of food Sakaki has never tried before and more comparisons to Hunter x Hunter! Enjoy!!

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Colton is just your regular glasses wearing nerd residing in Saint Louis, Misery (that's a joke) who loves reading and collecting manga as a hobby and also records too many podcasts! He started off his podcasting escapades in 2013 when he created Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast, which was a show dedicated to Gintama and its past English release of the manga. From there he became the co-host of shows such as the Manga Corner from Anime3000, Heavenly Kings, One Podcast Prevails and many more. Colton first discovered manga back in 2006 when he bought his first issue of Shonen Jump, and ever since then, his love and passion for manga took off from there! His favorite titles include Sket Dance, Eyeshield 21, My Hero Academia and much, much more. Colton can be found frequenting sites such as Anilist and Twitter under the handle of sniperking323.

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