Hope you guys are ready for an adventure, because Colton has decided to start up a new podcast, one where he and his friend, Sakaki, make their way through the entire Dragon Ball anime franchise (yes, you heard that right)! On this introductory episode, our duo discuss their history with the franchise and just how much Dragon Ball anime they’ve actually watched–the answer may surprise you! They also discuss why they wanted to start up this very daunting project and how they plan to go about it: By covering every possible tv series, movie, special and more!!

And then, on the inaugural first episode of the podcast, Colton & Sakaki officially begin their journey through the Dragon Ball franchise with the 1986 Dragon Ball tv series! Our adventurers start their trek across the land with some baby steps as they take a look at the very first episode of the series: Would this pilot episode have grabbed our duo’s attentions if they had started with this series instead of Z? How well does it establish the world and its characters? Was that pterodactyl just hiding in the bushes waiting for unsuspecting teenage girls? All these questions and more are explored on this first episode of the podcast! Enjoy!

Download Episode 0 here! And Episode 1 here!


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About The Author Colton

Colton is just your regular glasses wearing nerd residing in Saint Louis, Misery (that's a joke) who loves reading and collecting manga as a hobby and also records too many podcasts! He started off his podcasting escapades in 2013 when he created Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast, which was a show dedicated to Gintama and its past English release of the manga. From there he became the co-host of shows such as the Manga Corner from Anime3000, Heavenly Kings, One Podcast Prevails and many more. Colton first discovered manga back in 2006 when he bought his first issue of Shonen Jump, and ever since then, his love and passion for manga took off from there! His favorite titles include Sket Dance, Eyeshield 21, My Hero Academia and much, much more. Colton can be found frequenting sites such as Anilist and Twitter under the handle of sniperking323.

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