On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Colton & Lum once again cover the last month’s worth of news! Including Chainsaw Man’s total takeover of the monthly Bookscan list, a ton of cool new licenses, some shocking Shonen Jump cancellations and even updates on the long-awaited Pluto anime!! Enjoy!!

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00:00 – In Memoriam:

  • Toei Animation President & CEO Osamu Tezuka
  • Leiji Matsumoto

05:29 – Intro

06:36 – February NYT & January Bookscan Lists

21:05 – Freiren makes ALA’s Top 10 GN List for 2022

22:10 – Akita Shoten launches new Webtoons brand J-TOON

23:33 – New manga from:

  • Karino Takatsu
  • Takuji Kato
  • Fujita
  • Akiko Morishima
  • Iori Asaga

32:34 – Yet another Cells at Work spinoff manga

35:45 – GTO Paradise Lost goes on hiatus

40:00 – Grand Blue Dreaming on hiatus

40:34 – Ariadne in the Blue Sky ending soon

41:33 – Altair ending soon

42:54 – My Androgynous Boyfriend has ended

43:26 – Noragami ending soon

46:49 – Naruto: Sasuke’s Story manga ending with 2nd volume

47:45 – Kubo Won’t Let me be Invisible ends

49:43 – High School Family & PPPPPP end in Shonen Jump

58:02 – Lum’s first impressions of Stan for Salvation & Beat and Motion

1:04:32 – Mangamo additions

1:06:48 – Ablaze licenses 5 Osamu Tezuka manga

1:09:19 – Colton’s Licensing Highlights

1:28:46 – Lum’s Licensing Highlights

1:41:02 – Crunchyroll lays off 85 employees globally

1:41:59 – Kumar quits translating Cipher Academy

1:47:08 – Fire has been reprinted in Japan for the first time in 23 years

1:49:18 – Otakon 2023 to host Kyoko Alba

1:50:12 – The First Slam Dunk is now the 12th highest earning anime film in Japan

1:51:37 – Radwimps North American tour dates

1:54:49 – Spirited Away stage plays to be screened in the US

1:55:55 – Rintaro debuts first new work he’s directed in 14 years

1:57:18 – Gridman Universe film comes out March 24th

1:57:52 – Knights of the Zodiac movie coming out April 28th in Japan

1:59:26 – Black Clover film delayed to June 16th

2:00:36 – Pluto anime coming to Netflix later in 2023

2:03:13 – Attack on Titan final season part 3 to be covered via two 1-hour specials

2:04:06 – New Pokemon anime debuts April 14th

2:05:51 – Anime announced for both Heavenly Delusion & Apothecary Diaries

2:07:43 – Wave Listen to Me live-action show

2:08:34 – Dubbed episodes of Detective Conan starting from Episode 965 are available on Tubi

2:13:06 – Viz puts a lot of anime up for free on Youtube

2:15:50 – Mike Haimoto accused of domestic abuse

2:17:56 – Mamoru Oshii offers course on anime film directing

2:19:15 – Numa Katsu kickstarter

2:20:37 – Community Shout-outs!:

  • ANN’s compilation of tributes to Leiji Matsumoto
  • Mike Toole on Leiji Matsumoto
  • Kaiser Beamz on Arcadia of My Youth

2:22:44 – Wrap up

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