2000ad Villains Takeover Special

Villains takeover is a huge success. Every story is a winner and the Weston Ezquerra tribute would bring a tear to a glass eye. Add an extra point to the rating for only costing you 99p if you want.

El Mestizo

By Alan Hebden and Carlos Ezquerra Returning to a nation that once kept kept him as a slave, an avenging fury has swept north from…

2000ad Prog 2101

2000ad Prog 2101 Carlos Sanchez Ezquerra 1947-2018. The 2000ad and wider comics community has been deeply saddened by the loss of the great Carlos Ezquerra….

Judge Dredd Megazine # 396

Judge Dredd vs Razorjack “This Corrosion” Part 1 by Michael Carroll, John Higgins, Sally Hurst and Annie Parkhouse The John Higgins-devised Razorjack crosses over into…

2000ad Prog 2081

Judge Dredd “The Chosen One” by Rory McConville, Dan Cornwell, Abigail Bulmer and Annie Parkhouse Dredd has an unusual kidnapping on his hands this week….

2000ad Prog 2080

Judge Dredd “Nans of Anarchy” Part 2 by Alec Worley, Karl Richardson and Annie Parkhouse. Nans of Anarchy manages to feel like a Dredd script from the…

2000ad Prog 2079

Judge Dredd “Nans of Anarchy” Part 1 by Alec Worley, Karl Richardson and Annie Parkhouse. After taking a back seat to the Sons of Booth in recent…