“Enter at your own peril, past the bolted door where impossible things may happen the world has never seen before!”

Cartoon Network’s got a secret formula that’s got a little bit of ‘ha and a little bit of ‘ho, and unlike will.i.am, they want everybody to know because the geniuses at WBDHE have made their greatest invention yet!

For the first time ever, Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series is coming to DVD! And when they say it’s complete, they mean COMPLETE – this set contains every episode AND the tv movie, Ego’s Trip, which believe it or not has never been officially released on Region 1 DVD (the last time this thing has been on home video was on VHS in the early 2000s, nor is it legally streaming anywhere in the U.S. We don’t got the data on what extras if any this set has just yet, but here’s hoping that like The Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series set it will include some bonus content like the original What-a-Cartoon pilot, the “banned” episode Rude Removal, a bunch of bumps, and all the music videos they made for the series from artists like They Might Be Giants, Price Paul, and will.i.am (yes, seriously, look these up if you’ve never listened to them – they’re a nostalgia trip, but also, it’s insane how big a deal this series was that mega-star artists like those made songs for it back in it’s heyday).

Dexter’s Laboratory needs no introduction to anyone with a checkered past, but for any zoomers not in the know, you’ll want to tune into Dexter, the world’s youngest inventor, so you can join him for his crazy adventures! Imagined up by real-world animation genius Genndy Tartakovsky, one of the most celebrated and prolific creators in animation for the past 30 years with creations including Samurai Jack, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sym-Bionic Titan, Hotel Transylvania, Primal, and Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, Dexter’s Laboratory was Cartoon Network’s first Cartoon Cartoon and original series not based around repackaging/reusing existing IP, a successful experiment in original programming that paved the way for decades more to come. “What-A-Cartoon” indeed! So grab a seat on your couch with all your justice friends, chow down on fresh-baked muffins like a king, and binge every episode all night long until “omlette-du-fromage” is all you can say, enjoying all the gloom, and doom, while things go boom, in Dexter’s Lab!

Check out more deets and text on Dee Dee and Dex’s set in the official press release below, and let us know in the comments or on our socials whether you’re excited for the set and interested in seeing a review on the site come June, because we’ll talk about Dexter faster than the speed of “Mock 5!”

Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series

Enjoy the Experiment On DVD for the First Time Ever on

June 25, 2024

BURBANK, CA (May 9, 2024) – The Emmy Award-winning American animated TV series that was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and produced by Cartoon Network Studios is back from the lab! For the first time ever on DVD, all 78 episodes from the classic cartoon series plus the special Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip, are brought together in one set. Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series will be available for purchase online and in-store at major retailers beginning June 25, 2024. Get ready to go on a wild adventure with boy-genius Dexter, as he saves the world with his secret laboratory filled with his collection of inventions! Pre-order your copy now.

Dexter’s Laboratory is also available now to purchase Digitally from Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Google Play, Vudu and more.

The unforgettable series that ran from 1996-2003 on Cartoon Network, won many awards, and spawned children’s books, comic books, music albums, toys, video games, and a movie.


Dexter’s Laboratory is about half-Einstein, half-third grader, Dexter. This boy genius creates the most amazing inventions in the top secret and highly advanced laboratory attached to his room. But his genius can’t stop his space-brained sister Dee Dee from messing up and his work and pushing his buttons. Or his annoying rival Mandark from constantly trying to one-up him. Can Dexter use his intelligence to solve his problems? Time to fight fire with…SCIENCE!

Pricing and series information:

Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series

Includes all 78 episodes from the beloved series plus the special Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip.

PRODUCT                       SRP

DVD                                 $69.99 SRP US and Canada

Voice Cast: Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Jeff Bennett, Kat Cressida, Candi Milo

Audio: English

Subtitles: English, Latin America Spanish

Running Time: 1,791 minutes

Rated: PG

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