Cuticle Detective Inaba chapter 106

While there were a few minor quibbles to be had with this chapter, especially with how the speech felt undercut at the end, chapter 106 was an entertaining read nonetheless. It really is a shame that Cuticle Detective Inaba is heading towards its conclusion because the series remains a highlight in my day each time I sit down to read it.

Cuticle Detective Inaba Chapter 105

It should be interesting how characters bounce off each other moving forward. It feels like the series is playing with some while such as how morally grey the world can truly be and the importance of family be it biological or not

Fairy Tail #485

Whether Mashima maximizes the potential of this fight in a thoughtful manner remains to be seen, but it’s still a fascinating development, and despite the general messiness of this chapter, it does well to leave me interested in reading the next.

The Seven Deadly Sins #169

In this one sequence, we not only learn more about Escanor, but see him grow as a character, resolving his feelings for Merlin in a gratifying way. The pairing of Escanor and Gowther makes remarkable sense given the contrasts provided in this chapter: Gowther is driven by reason, whereas Escanor is driven by his emotion.

Fairy Tail #479

If last week’s chapter showed Fairy Tail’s weaknesses at some of it’s worst, this week shows what it’s capable of at it’s best. Every primary character involved influenced the fight in a direct and meaningful way.