Batman #1

King is focusing on some very interesting aspects of the character, including things that haven’t been explored in a long time.

Aquaman: Rebirth #1

…AQUAMAN is still hard to recommend to anyone other than huge fans. If you don’t like the character, this comic is not going to convince you otherwise.

Detective Comics #934

Detective Comics is off to a great start. Tynion IV has always had a knack for writing secondary Gotham characters, so this is obviously where he should be. With the current art team, this series has a lot going for it.

Superman: Rebirth #1

Superman: Rebirth #1 is not perfect, but it’s not awful either. Tomasi has already shown that he’s able to write a compelling Superman and no amount of nostalgia cash-grabs is going to change that. The upcoming Superman #1 will hopefully be a more proper start.