Judge Dredd Mega Collection Book 6: Mandroid

As a complete package, Judge Dredd Mega Collection Book 6: Mandroid is a bit of a mixed bag, but the strength of the opening story is more than enough justification to add it to your collection. Depressing as hell and delightfully deep, Mandroid shines a light on the nature of justice and its relationship to revenge, all while delivering a somber look at how the system failed a man and how that man, in turn, failed beautifully in a blaze of bullets, blood and hopelessness.

2000 AD: Prog 1924

It can’t be expressed enough how well these progs are put together and the kind of material and creators that 2000 AD gets week in and week out for your enjoyment. There is so much to love here, it’s hard to pick out favorites or highlights, so maybe it’s best if you just go pick this up.