From the Drokkingly talented and passionate minds behind 2013’s excellent Judge Minty, there’s even more 2000 AD fan love on the way. If you haven’t seen it, and you absolutely should, Judge Minty is a 27 minute long not-for-profit fan film set in the Dredd Universe co-written and directed by Steve Sterlacchini with 2000 AD writer, Michael Carroll also co-writing. Premiering to much acclaim at several festivals and conventions across the globe, Judge Minty elegantly and faithfully to the Dredd aesthetic, tells the tale of the eponymous’ Long Walk across the Cursed Earth. It is rad as hell and manages to hit all the points that both feature films whiffed on. Now the same team is back to bring yet another John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra creation to the big screen: Strontium Dog.

You can read the official Press Release here and check out the officially released production shots below. Sterlacchini is back at the directing helm with Judge Minty’s Director of Photography and Digitial Imagine, Stephen Green, co-directing. Daniel Carey-George is back as Prop and Costume Creator to ensure that pitch-perfect 2000 AD look. Most exciting of all is that Wagner and Ezquerra have added input on the production themselves.

It’s always great to see talented creators with such love of the source material bring something new into them for everyone to enjoy. This is a 100% not-for-profit project with no affiliation with 2000 AD itself, but it’s a testament to their skill and to the inspiring original material that inspired it. Keep an eye out and be sure to visit the Strontium Dog fan-film official page.

About The Author Alex Mansfield

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