By Joe Casey & David Messina

Issue seven of The Bounce had Jasper Jenkins take a bit of a back seat to show off some small bits of origin for some of the villains. Things are looking even more bleak than usual for Jasper as he almost dies at the hands of The Vamp, The Fog is dead and the only person that may have answers, The Silver, is in some sort of coma. So yeah, Jasper just can’t catch a break.

One thing that Casey does well with The Bounce is how we as readers are just as much in the dark as Jasper. Sure, we get a few glimpses here and there to better understand characters but that still doesn’t make it easy to explain what is going on. Whatever the other dimension is and how it relates to these weird government tests that are either killing people or giving them super powers, is still very much the overall mystery that connects all of our characters. Each issue of The Bounce is like a piece of a puzzle being placed into the main picture and helps things start to look a little clearer than before.

Messina keeps up his consistent energetic art by still putting his unique twist on the usual superhero art style most are familiar with. This issue had a lot of dialog and set-up so his art didn’t get to shine quite as bright this issue as it has in the past. Just because there wasn’t as much action or crazy powers this issue doesn’t make it boring. If you’ve kept up with The Bounce then an issue with so much revealed will be a very intriguing read and Messina not only helps that story flow very naturally but he still makes drab and seemingly boring scenes still burst  off the page and help pull the reader in.

The Bounce much like it’s name does have the tendency to bounce all over the place, but any reader who can follow it will find a very rich story. The key is that all of these characters are interesting and mysterious to compliment a similar style of story. As long as things stay interesting with these well fleshed out characters while luring the reader in with an overall mystery why wouldn’t anyone keep reading?



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