by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder

After an energetic and successful first issue, many have been waiting for the second issue of Rocket Girl to see how this time travel story would progress. This issue was much like the first one where it gave you plenty of hilarious character development while also laying down some groundwork for the overall plot of what Dayoung is trying to accomplish.

So far Dayoung has adapted pretty well to 1986 while still trying to find a way into Quintum Mechanics to stop their newly developed technology.  There is also some great flashbacks from Dayoung’s present in her ultra-technologically advanced 2013 and showing more of what led to her decision to travel back in time. There is a perfect balance of story progression and entertaining character interactions much like the first issue which makes for a rich and fulfilling read. Even though it’s only two issues deep, Rocket Girl seems like it has a tremendous sort of formula by harmonizing drama, comedy and action into one issue.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Amy Reeder is an amazing artist. She handles everything down to the colors and keeps everything looking realistic but also so vibrant and bright that it makes everything just pop off the page and is incredibly pleasing to the eyes. Not only does Rocket Girl look beautiful but Reeder really has a grasp on combining pacing, panel work and handling action scenes so perfectly that gives this story so much heart.

Rocket Girl is one of those series that has creators who work well together crafting their own personal story that we get to enjoy and reap the benefits of some remarkable artistic teamwork. Each issue has been perfectly paced, enchanting and enthralling, which is the perfect way to keep a reader both satisfied but also excited for more.


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