Shaolin Cowboy #2


By Geof Darrow

Issue two picks up right where the first issue left off. The Shaolin Cowboy continues his fight against the massive horde of the undead and, quite literally,  that’s it.

Granted there wasn’t a lot of exposition in the previous issue, but it contained such a curious premise that was able to capture one’s imagination and attention. As soon you delve into this book, the Cowboy is slicing and dicing zombies with his chainsaw bo staff. Geof Darrow depicts some stylish dismemberments and deaths, but that can only keep a reader’s attention for so long. This goes on for 33 pages; yes, you read right! The plot does not progress whatsoever, unless you consider the growing body count. The only text in the entire issue is the sound effect of the chainsaw at the top of each page. It’s totally fine for a comic not to have dialog (see Batman & Robin #18-Brilliant!) , considering it is a visual medium, but what is shown over 33 pages could have been accomplished in 3-5 pages… It’s simply gratuitous. It says something when you go through the issue several times to make sure something wasn’t missed and come to the sad realization there wasn’t.

This is probably the most disappointing comic I have ever read. How or why Dark Horse’s editors and publisher allowed this to be printed is beyond me. Unless you are a die-hard fan of this series or like zombie gore, don’t waste your time or money on this pitiful issue. Let’s hope Geof plans to put things back on track in #3, he has a lot to make up for.