By Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, & Dustin Weaver

We find ourselves at the halfway point of Marvel’s latest event. Right out of the gate Infinity went big in scope and this third installment shows no signs of slowing down. Other recent Marvel events had a feeling like the middle of the story was just wasting time until they reached the final issue, but not Infinity. Issue #3 keeps the books steady pace towards the endgame.

Writer Jonathan Hickman’s plan when he began writing the Avengers titles was to up the scope of the books to a higher level and that level is on full display in this book. Some of the most bombastic space battles of the series start off this action packed issue but, true to Hickman’s form, he manages to find space to squeeze in some character moments.

The most interesting aspect of Infinity has been Black Bolt. Hickman has a great handle on how to write the character as well as all of the Inhumans. Some writers just have a better handle on how to use certain characters, and issue after issue Hickman proves he knows how to use Black Bolt.

Speaking of Black Bolt, artist Dustin Weaver handles his scenes beautifully. When it comes to a character who can’t talk a lot of the drama rests on the artist’s shoulders. Weaver doesn’t disappoint in the crucial Black Bolt scenes. Equally impressive are Jerome Opena’s space battles. He doesn’t hold back for his share of the book and the opening scene is utterly devastating. Opena and Weaver’s styles aren’t incredibly different but there is enough of a change in style for the reader to notice and be momentarily pulled out of the experience just like last issue.

It’s a shame Marvel still hasn’t really figured out a way to have a self-contained event. While not impossible to read, Infinity #3 is much more difficult to read if the reader isn’t also keeping up with Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers. That being said Infinity is a great ride and one of the best Marvel events in recent memory.


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