By Jonathan Hickman & Mike Deodato

As far as tie-ins go, Infinity has been great. Avengers and New Avengers are actually part of the story and worth reading. The downside to this is that you need to read at least three books to get the whole story. You can just read Infinity, sure, but you’ll miss out on the experience as a whole. When the tie-ins are this well done, it’s hard to complain though.

Black Bolt has entrusted the rest of the Illuminati with valuable information involving an Inhuman that happens to be the son of Thanos. It appears now that they are at a crossroads – other things are at play and these guys have enough to worry about. Should they concern themselves with Black Bolt’s problems? Not that they don’t want to, but the Earth is in peril from seemingly all directions. Well, Marvel heroes tend to help each other out, only now it appears they just wasted their time.

Hickman works well with apocalyptic scenarios and hard choices, so the plot definitely plays to his strengths. Every member of the Illuminati feels important – nobody is there just to look pretty. The best part of the overarching plot continues to be the tension between Namor and Black Panther. Namor’s actions last issue have made their hostility towards each other reach a boiling point, even though T’Challa doesn’t quite know what Namor has done.

Mike Deodato is fantastic. His style is perfect for Hickman’s epic and dark plots. This issue is more of the same, only with a few minor hiccups. In the opening scene, why does Tony Stark go back and forth between helmeted and not so many times? I don’t know if that was scripted, but it’s certainly jarring.

New Avengers keeps up the high quality of the Infinity story. With so much at stake, the Illuminati is really in a nail-biting situation, which is something that these characters, as well as Hickman, thrive in.


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