by Jeff Parker, Marc Laming & Jordan Boyd

After reading issue two of Kings Watch it is indeed safe to say that the plot thickens. Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician are all separately trying to get to the bottom of the bizarre phenomenon in the skies that may be giving people weird nightmares.

Issue two does a great job of really setting up the plot of this miniseries. The Phantom is teaming up with the adventurer, Lothar, to investigate the unknown creatures that are dwelling in the African jungles. While doing this we have a great scene when Lothar uses a little magic to call upon his friend, Mandrake, who appears in the form of flames. While Lothar, The Phantom and Mandrake share their findings and information on the Kings Watch, this is the first moment where two of the three main characters actually get to interact with each other. While these two meet for the first time, Flash comes face-to-face with the villainous Cobra who is after something Flash has.

This issue, much like the previous, reads quite smoothly with very basic paneling. Everything looks very crisp and detailed, down to the backgrounds to give you the real feeling, almost like watching an adventure movie. There is a fight scene at the end of the issue that looks tremendous and it gets real good when Cobra uses his crystal’s powers on Flash to surprising effect.

Cobra is making his move, our heroes are putting things together and we now know what the Kings Watch is, sort of. With only three issues left it will be fascinating to see when all three of our heroes will team up to fight off the determined and vile Cobra and his plans for the Kings Watch. Being a miniseries, Kings Watch does an excellent job of making each issue fun and engaging to read and keep the pages flowing smoothly for a great story.


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