By Shannon Eric Denton, Igor Vitorino & Wes Hartman

Since The Spider has returned at Dynamite Entertainment he has been written consistently well by David Liss, so to see a new creative team tackle The Spider piques curiosity. What we end up getting is a pretty decent story contained into one issue that doesn’t seem rushed.

This take on The Spider is pretty similar to the one in the series but he does seem a bit more trigger happy. In fact, The Spider may have killed more people in this annual then he has in the entire series so far. It’s not bad, just may be a bit jarring for someone who is used to Liss’ version.  Story wise it was pretty smooth, The Spider is assaulted by a group of hired mercs while trying to take out a gang. It was nice seeing this group of assassins surprise The Spider and put up a decent fight, even if just for a bit. While the story seemed basic at first, there was a twist at the end that put the over use of violence in this annual into perspective that was really was a pleasing shock.

Not being familiar with either of the art team, Vitorino and Hartman, they were quite a pleasant surprise. The whole book looks great front-to-back because of all sorts of small things from the individual designs of each mercenary to the spider-bot The Spider uses on a gang. Being used to the dark tones and colors of The Spider ongoing series, it was attention-grabbing to see some brighter colors in this. If they ever needed a new art team on this series in the future, this would be a great place to look.

This issue gives you want out of an annual, gives you a great self-contained story by a fresh group of creators while showcasing the character while still being true to that character’s roots. Not having been familiar with any of this creative team before reading this, they are now on my radar at least. If you like The Spider series so far then certainly check this out. If you haven’t read any of The Spider but may be interested to see what it’s all about, then this is a good issue to pick-up.


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