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Savage Wolverine has been quite interesting. It’s one of those rare titles that care less about continuity and big crossovers and more about telling a great story. All of these stories can still be considered canon, but all of that junk comes second.

There’s also a revolving door of creators, so every arc has its own style and feel. This time around, it’s Jock, who was responsible for the art on classic stories like The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One. His first Savage Wolverine issue is a very fast read, which is a good thing–Jock plays to his strengths and lets his artwork do the talking.

Wolverine is stuck on a strange planet and doesn’t quite remember everything that led to getting him there. That’s a typical Wolverine setup–there are a million Wolvie stories that start out with the exact same premise. However, Jock gives us enough intrigue and mystery to keep us wanting more. Eventually, Wolverine runs into a kid who has been sent to find him by some shadowy group and your guess is as good as mine as to exactly what is happening. Jock keeps us in the dark, probably waiting for a big reveal later on. Because of the way the story is unfolding, this would probably read better in trade format.

Jock knows art. Jock is good at art–very good. Wolverine looks like a vicious hobo on a murderous rampage, suiting his current predicament. Lee Loughridge’s colors also help the story by providing darkness/shadows, a metaphor for the mystery we are embarking upon. This is one beautiful issue.

This is another fantastic start to another great story arc. Jock allows his art to provide most of the story, which works to perfection. It may not be the most original Wolverine story, but it’s still one that you should be on board for.


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