By Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel

You must give DC some credit. At the start of The New 52, they weren’t afraid to try some new ideas and/or obscure titles. A few worked out, but most did not; the sales just weren’t there. Lately, DC has been following the money and giving the people what they want, which is apparently more Superman/Batman/Green Lantern stuff. Enter Superman/Wonder Woman. It’s pure fan service, but it’s also a fantastic read.

As a huge Wonder Woman fan, more of her is never a bad thing. Also, her solo title and place in The New 52 is a bright spot of the reboot. Soule writes both her and Superman wonderfully. Diana is confused about how Clark operates and he’s quite secretive and for good reason. This seems to be both a positive and a negative for their relationship. In one issue, Soule manages to weave a wonderful romance that’s one of the best in comics. Not every fan is happy that Supes and the Amazon are “together,” but you can’t deny that Soule is tapping into something special. Their worlds colliding makes for a riveting read.

Many first issues struggle with setup –there is either too much or not enough. Soule manages to find a balance, though. He gives you everything you need to know, so this title is perfect for new readers, while working to not insult hardcore fans. This title is really for anybody.

Tony S. Daniel just put in some beautiful work. Is anybody really surprised? This guy can really draw superheroes. There is tenderness to the personal moments, but when the action comes, look out. The final page shows Wonder Woman beaten and bloody–a stunning and shocking scene that will have you reeling.

DC has really knocked this out of the park. Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel are a wonderful team, which poses a problem: how long will they stay on this title? These guys are in demand and in today’s comics, which means they usually have brief runs. Whatever the case, let’s enjoy it while we can.


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