By Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover & Wook Jin Clark

Everybody loves Adventure Time—and if you don’t, get out from under that rock, dust yourself off and go watch the show on the Cartoon Network because, well, it rocks. Adventure Time: The Flip Side #1, by Eisner winners for their Monkeybrain Comics series Bandette, Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover team up with artist Wook Jin Clark for a six-issue mini-series in the land of Ooo with a twist.

Without giving out the twist (you’ll have to read this for yourself), Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover have a really interesting idea here. A curveball like this for Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, along with loveable BMO, is a great way to really change things up and see how these two can adapt and handle different situations. Aside from that, Tobin and Coover really seem to get Adventure Time and really understand the tone and audience that love these characters and the show. They come off as fans themselves and it’s easy to imagine this playing out in the cartoon series.

Wook Jin Clark, handling art duties, does a great job of taking the look and feel of Adventure Time and adding his own twist to it. It’s still goofy, over the top and crazy and it’s still the characters we’re used to just with Clark’s own style, flare and detail sprinkled on top. Clark seems to be a great fit for this Adventure Time mini, and with five more issues to go we’re going to get a whole lot more over the top craziness from Clark. Can’t wait.

For a “#1” issue, this was a great start. Tobin, Coover and Clark have set the bar high and the twist at the end is fantastic. BOOM! Studios has never disappointed with their Adventure Time books and consistently have great creators putting their touches on the cast and land of Ooo. If you like Adventure Time, or even if you haven’t tried it yet, you can’t go wrong with this issue.


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