By Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado

In past reviews, we have complained about big event tie-ins. They often have the reputation of interrupting decent arcs and having sloppy writing. They have that reputation for a good reason; however, Slott manages to sidestep that landmine.

Instead of ruining what has been going on for the first three issues, Slott seamlessly integrates the current arc into the Original Sin story in a fashion that doesn’t feel forced. What’s even better is he’s already given himself wiggle room to move on from the latest big event. Slott needs to be commended for these smooth transitions.

Through the events of Original Sin, Peter Parker now knows about this mysterious girl who was bitten by the same spider that bit him. Being the chivalrous dude that he is, Spidey rescues her from the secret safe house or whatever the heck she was locked in. Of course, things are never that easy. Peter soon discovers that she was locked up for a reason when a past evil becomes aware of them. Anybody that’s not a fan of the supernatural sides of Spidey that Straczynski brought in may be turned off by the big villain reveal (and this arc in general). If you can get past that, what you’re left with is some of Slott’s better Spider-Man writing.

Ever since the Amazing relaunch, Ramos has been on fire. If you look at some of his past Spidey issues, there is a very obvious improvement. The scenes with Spider-Man and Silk (as she has decided to call herself) walking out of her safe house and swinging through the city are very well done. This issue also shows a much needed progression in facial expressions.

Tie-in aside, this is another fine issue of the relaunched Amazing Spider-Man. Most people are probably already reading this, but if you’re not, maybe you should give Slott and Ramos one more try.


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