Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #2 continues the story of Bloodshot’s attempt at stopping Lilt’s invasion of the M.E.R.O. base and his attempted kidnapping of Malgam. The first issue of this miniseries was really quite strong, but will this issue live up to the promise of the first?

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The story

I really liked what Joe Harris did in issue #1, turning Bloodshot into the ultimate badass. Harris did a terrific job at expanding Bloodshot’s power set and making him seem like more than just another powered superbeing, making him appear more muted and powerful than ever. Unfortunately, that has all been thrown to the wayside with issue #2.

screenshot-by-nimbus (1) The pacing of the story is rather convoluted and distracting at times. In fact, there were a few scenes where I was left wondering just what happened, or how a character arrived at a particular place. The dialogue doesn’t fair much better, particularly with Lilt who almost appears to simply be rephrasing anything that’s said to him into some form of cliched doom-and-gloom statement.

As for Bloodshot, we just get more of the same old. The cool tech-control powers from issue #1 aren’t even mentioned, and he even has to rely on Livewire’s abilities to really have any sort of control over his nanites and the M.E.R.O. facility’s computer system.

There is a really cool battle sequence between Bloodshot and Lilt which I really enjoyed involving Bloodshot getting impaled then, of course, coming back to life to bring on the kick-ass, and presumably ending in Lilt’s death (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!). Now that Malgam is on the loose, I wonder what he’ll do next – and whether we’ll see another copy of the X-O armor around (I won’t spoil that one).

The art

While I was very excited by Trevor Hairsine’s work in the first issue, I cannot say the same for issue #2. Overall, the pencils seemed rushed and unfinished which was very disappointing. In fact, aside from a few fairly solid panels, this doesn’t even look like the same artist which is a real shame. I’m not sure if it is necessarily Hairsine at fault or the inker, but with the high quality of art we’ve seen from Valiant in the past, I was expecting quite a bit more.



While I enjoyed parts of this issue, it is definitely the weakest Armor Hunters tie-in of the bunch, which is a shame after the great promise this miniseries showed with issue #1. If Valiant has big plans for Bloodshot for the future, the quality of ANY issue featuring him should be top-notch and this issue is anything but that.



Issue information

Released August 20, 2014
Written by Joe Harris
Art by Trevor Hairsine
Colors by Dave Baron
Covers by Phillip Tan and Donovan Santiago
Price: $3.99
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About The Author Martin Ferretti

Martin Ferretti is an avid comic book reader, Hearthstone player, IT professional, father, and all around geek. His fascination with Valiant Comics may be bordering on the insane, but hey, it keeps him happy.