Armor Hunters: Harbinger #2 continues the story of Generation Zero as they continue their relief efforts in the obliterated Mexico City alongside Faith and Torque from the Harbinger ongoing. Together, the two teams descend into the remains of Gin-GR’s head at the epicenter of the explosion that destroyed the city, to discover the old subway system has been taken over by an expanding network of eggs containing some form of unknown life forms. As the eggs hatch, the psiots must quickly attempt an escape, but Torque, Cronus, and Titan remain trapped within the tunnels, and must fight their way out before they are engulfed by a giant cloud of super-evolved insects ready to destroy them.

The first issue of this miniseries received high grades because of its amazing storytelling and wonderful art. Will issue #2 top it off, or will it be a mid-series filler?

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The story

Joshua Dysart knocks it out of the park with a grand slam in this issue. There is so much to love, and absolutely nothing to hate.

screenshot-by-nimbus (8) There is so much thought and emotion in each and every panel of this book that I had to read it several times to really get everything out of it, and even then, each reading took me much longer than usual thanks to a great story, excellent dialogue, and beautiful art.

Dysart’s work on the Harbinger ongoing got better with each issue, and has really moved to a new level in this series. While Harbinger was a reboot of existing characters, Armor Hunters: Harbinger is allowing Dysart to develop character he himself created and his love for the characters just gushes out of every letter on the page.

The dialogue in this issue is terrific and a nice change of pace from the first issue which was told almost entirely from Cronus’ perspective. The conversations between characters are smart and often witty, with my favorite panel being an interaction between Cronus and Faith in which she blatantly tells Cronus that she’s “not in your little child army. You’re not my boss.” Awesome!

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The art

I gave Robert Gill high praise when I reviewed Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1. His pencils are clean and well defined, and his panels flow into one another flawlessly. His work in the first issue was beautiful, but this issue is on a whole other level that I have trouble finding words to describe. There isn’t a single panel that isn’t pouring with elegance, making this issue a true artistic masterpiece. Here are a few images to prove my point.

Romulo Fajardo is once again on color duties and his work is stunning, really complementing Gill’s pencils and making every panel pop right out of the page.


Joshua Dysart and Robert Gill are crafting a beautiful miniseries, and issue #2 takes it up a notch to the next level. Armor Hunters: Harbinger #2 is one of the finest, and most incredible books Valiant has ever published.



Issue information

Released August 20, 2014
Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Robert Gill
Colors by
Covers by Lewis Larosa and Donovan Santiago
Price: $3.99
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