By Dennis Hopeless & Kev Walker

Avengers Arena was a series that debuted to much controversy and outrage but quickly began winning the readers over with its solid writing and art. Avengers Undercover continues the saga of the teens that competed in the Murder World tournament.

Dennis Hopeless’s portrayal of the teens in Arena was what won over so many readers. That successful portrayal continues in Undercover as Hopeless taps into how the survivors are handling the fallout of Murder World. They all clearly have different forms of PTSD and Hopeless really gets these characters.

Kev Walker. Oh man. Needless to say, this is a pretty book. Walker manages to make every scene brim with energy and pop off the page no matter what is going on. Each character looks different and affected by Murder World and Walker manages to show these differences beautifully page after page.

Avengers Arena was the surprise of 2013. My hope is that after people read that book, Avengers Undercover doesn’t have to be a surprise hit. I’m very excited for where this book is going and Hopeless and Walker haven’t lost a step since the end of Arena.


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