By Stuart Moore & Gus Storms

It seems as though the team behind EGOs can do no wrong as they knock it out of the park yet again with issue #3. While it gave readers a quick and tidy close to the current major conflict which had previously appeared so epic in scale and nearly unwinnable, the book still managed to hit all the right notes and provide another great read.

In EGOs #3, Stuart Moore really starts to bring a solid cast together for the new team. This was not only exciting in its execution, but the character interactions which solidified the team were fantastic. In particular, the interactions between Deuce and Pixel throughout the book were something special as both get quite emotional. Discussing the clones, the new team, and of course their past and future together, these moments felt very deep and sincere. The way that new addition Shara (n-Brane) has really warmed up to Pixel also provides a really fun dynamic to the story, and this young EGOs member may be my new favorite; her powers are really cool and are used to awesome effect in this latest installment. Moore really finds a solid place for every team member this issue and allows everybody’s individual talents to shine, especially the newcomers. Again, the sincere character interactions introduce these aspects very well, such as Pixel encouraging Pigmentia to use her seemingly useless powers in some extraordinary and helpful ways. This book has a wonderful group dynamic that other series can learn from, even at this relatively early stage of development.

The close of the current conflict may have initially seemed a little rushed, but it was executed really well nonetheless. The final dialogue with Masse was very well-written and provided some deep insight regarding the sentient galaxy’s motivations. This scenario also served to deepen the character of Deuce. As with previous installments, EGOs #3 also provided some comedic moments that were pulled off in a way that didn’t detract from the deeper impact of the main plot. Also, you’ve got to love the brief moments of narration courtesy of Deuce’s son, especially when this is actually shown in-panel at the end!

Industry newcomer Gus Storms continues to up his game with each new issue in this series, and this is even more apparent in issue #3. While his style has been great from the first book, the character designs appear much more detailed this month which actually enhances the underlying emotion of each interaction quite a bit. The backgrounds are tremendously well-designed and detailed again, and Masse looks better than ever. It’s almost a shame to see this destructive monstrosity go so soon! Everything in this book is cleanly illustrated and just interesting to look at. Storms’ color work is also fantastic with some great, vibrant tones that really deepen each image and bring every panel to life.

EGOs remains at the top of this reviewer’s reading list each month. As demonstrated yet again in issue #3, this is a phenomenal series with great story and writing, wonderful characters, and spectacular artwork. If you’re looking for an epic sci-fi tale with action, sincerity and humor, look no further than EGOs.


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