By Kyle Higgins & Russell Dauterman

So comes the end of Kyle Higgins’ run on Nightwing, and what a run it was. Issue #29 is a celebration of the entirety of Higgins’ run and re-examines the hardships that Dick has gone through in the last few years. The result is an issue of Nightwing that showcases what the character is all about.

I’ve been a fan of Higgins’ run since he started back in September 2011. His final issue has Nightwing up against a simpler villain and dealing with an issue he is all too familiar with. As a character, Nightwing has never been about the flashy villains and world-ending threats; he’s been about helping people like he was with any problem big or small. This issue nails those ideas right on the head.

Russell Dauterman delivers a pretty spectacular issue as well. His use of white space while Jen is hunting for Zsasz is great. His flashback pages are even better. A particular single page spread of Dick and the Court of Owls looks frame worthy.  My one complaint complaint is Dick’s age seemed to fluctuate. He seemed to look identical in the beginning of the book in a flashback to his circus days as he did in the present day.

If you missed out on this series, shame on you. Higgins’ run on Nightwing has been one of the consistently great books DC has been putting out since the New 52. I’m sad to see his time on the series end, but damn happy with the #29 issues that I got.


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