By Nick Spencer, Jonathan Hickman & Stephano Caselli

Avengers World #2 is weird. It’s great, but it’s odd. This series is supposed to be about a large cast of characters taking out threats across the globe and beyond, so why are we getting such a singular focus?

The vast majority of issue #2 is about Smasher, who is stuck on AIM Island. Throughout the story, little tidbits about her connection to the Marvel Universe are revealed in a series of flashbacks. It’s curious that they would choose to do this, considering that this was already done in a prior issue of another title. It’s not the same story retold, but it makes you wonder why they chose to go this route.

Another part that makes you wonder is how focused the second issue is on one character. Perhaps this series will spend time on characters by giving them their own issues, but if that isn’t the case, this book isn’t exactly what it was advertised as.

Whatever the case, Hickman and Spencer still write characters that are worth reading. Smasher isn’t really a character that interests me, but she’s presented in a very intriguing light. This kind of characterization gives this series some real room to grow and improve.

Stephano Caselli turns in another solid issue. Just about every panel is drawn nice and tight, with plenty of stimulating detail. AIM Island is full of lush and exotic vegetation, as well as cold and futuristic buildings. Caselli manages to pull both of these environments off, sometimes in the same panel.

Avengers World #2 is not what we thought it might be, but it’s still a great issue. Hickman and Spencer are too good to pass up and Caselli is drawing his tail off. I hope the rest of the All-New Marvel Now! books are this awesome.


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