By Nick Spencer, Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli

As stated in previous reviews, Avengers World gives readers a chance to know some of the more obscure characters of the current Avengers roster. Issue 4 is Starbrand’s turn. In Avengers, Hickman has briefly touched on the character’s emotions, but we haven’t explored him in great detail.

There have been numerous Starbrands and the newest one to receive the power is Kevin Conner. Kevin received his powers during a White Event, which also killed everybody in his high school. With so much craziness going on, Starbrand hasn’t had a chance to confront his guilt. He also must deal with the fact that an abnormality gave him his powers, even though he’s “unworthy” of the Starbrand power. Being trapped in The City of The Dead, Kevin is forced to confront his tragic origin. Nick Spencer once again displays his talents and presents a character that demands attention. He’s quickly becoming one of the more interesting members of Hickman’s Avengers.

Stefano Caselli’s pencils are perfect for the telling of a Starbrand story. His pencils are soft and easy on the eyes, yet can still convey action when needed. When Starbrand is pulled into his former high school to confront the dead people that he feels responsible for, Caselli conveys real pain and emotion in Starbrand’s movements. The emotions in Kevin’s face are painful to see, but that just brings you closer to the character.

With a great creative team, Avengers World has a lot going for it. It’s refreshing to take a step back and see what Starbrand is going through. If Spencer wants to write a Starbrand solo series, you wouldn’t get any complaints on this end.

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