By Nick Spencer, Marco Checchetto, and Andres Mossa

The subsequent issues since each team’s mission fell apart has shined the spotlight on each separate teams and the conflict facing them. Issue eight shifts the focus back to Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Nightmask and Starbrand.

The stakes in Avengers World feel high while still being very self-contained in each conflict. Issue eight is very much an Avengers story that could easily be worthy of a main line Avengers conflict. It is nice to see the focus shift to the smaller teams allowing for a tighter team dynamic. This format allows for more character moments, which Spencer provides a lot of in issue 8. The issue plays with the relationships of established duos like Hawkeye and Spider-Woman and how Nightmask might fare in the mix that feels completely natural. Morgan, like any classic villain, lays out her plans which acts as a way to get needed information to the reader.

Avengers World is a small world after all as the team runs into another team of heroes. This issue keeps pace even after the introduction of these new heroes as the conflict begins to spill out into the rest of the world. It is a well written and concise issue; thoughtful action, understandable character dialog and a worthy villain in Morgan Le Fay.

Checchetto understands action. His art has fluidity to its action. Characters and their movements are bold and direct. When pulled back from the action, Checchetto experiments with some clever and beautiful page layouts in the issue. There is a panel which features hundreds of individuals standing in crowd up towering steps that is impressively pulled off with a lot of detail.

Issue eight keeps a tight pace and introduces some familiar faces all while a seeming insurmountable threat looms over them. Where the main line Avengers titles have focused on large teams and larger than life conflicts, Avengers World brings the focal point back to its smaller teams without losing any of the stakes or quality.


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