By Nathan Edmondson, Kevin Maurer, Carmen Carnero, Terry Pallot & Antonio Fabela

The latest issue in Nathan Edmondson’s ongoing Punisher series continues to be one of the most fun books in All New Marvel Now, and with the addition of bestselling author Kevin Maurer, Frank Castle takes the trip deep into the Jungle.

Whilst it may be disappointing to see the bright, white Electro-inspired covers that the first six issues had given us gone, we get a more than capable replacement from Mitch Gerads that really sets the mood for the book. It’s dark, gritty and whilst it may feature a relatively standard story with Punisher getting captured by interrogators and escaping – the book continues to be enjoyable despite its flaws.

The story is tried and tested, but Edmondson and Maurer manage to make it a solid read despite this. The war journalist Kevin Maurer brings military experience to the title and allows it to have a realistic feel even with the addition of one of Captain America’s villains, Crossbones. Much like Electro before him, Crossbones is also another movie import – Electro featured in Amazing Spider-Man 2 whilst Crossbones showed up in Winter Soldier. It’s great to see Edmondson (and Maurer) using a mix of rogues here and it’ll be fun to see what the creative team can come up with next.

Mitch Gerads hands the artistic duties over to Carmen Carnero for this issue. Carnero for the most part puts in an impressive display and the pencils manage to fit very well with the previous issues meaning that trade readers won’t feel the switch too jarring. Terry Pallot’s inks are solid and Antonio Fabela’s colours really help to set up the atmospheric feel to the book, and these are really one of the strongest parts of the title. Whilst we may not have Gerads anymore (at least for the moment) the book continues to remain in the right hands.

Punisher #7 is the start of a new arc and a new jumping on point for those of you who missed out on the previous six issues. It may not be the most original Punisher storyline ever, but despite this Edmondson and Maurer craft a strong tale that can come recommended.


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