By Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chang, Goran Sudzuka

The moves are being made and the stage is set for a final showdown. There’s an epic finish brewing and this issue is a great way to piece it all together. Can Azzarello write a Wonder Woman movie? That needs to happen.

While Wonder Woman is simultaneously preparing her forces and attempting to bring about change on Themyscira, The First Born is already on the move, bringing nothing but destruction (and scabs) with him. For the past several issues, this series has been a slow burn. While that may have irked some readers, we’re happy to report that the payoff is upon us. The last page is immensely satisfying.

In issue 32, Azzarello’s character work is impeccable. There’s a lot of internal conflict on Themyscira, which this is the absolute worst time to have that. However, Wonder Woman is not backing down on her demands and desire for a new world once this war is over. This is a new Wonder Woman that is much more than eye candy. She’s a fierce leader and it’s never been more apparent than in this issue.

While the art isn’t as rich as some past issues, it still has its signature feel. Cliff Chang on breakdowns, while Sudzuka touches everything up is certainly not a bad plan. Wonder Woman’s battle armor looks cool as heck, especially paired with her look of complete fearlessness. This series’ depiction of Greek gods has been a fresh spin. Every character has a unique style that sets them apart, yet keeps with the overall tone. Issue 32 keeps that trend going. The First Born’s current physical state is looking even nastier. It’s great.

Is it safe to say this is one of the greatest runs on Wonder Woman? It surely appears to have shaped up that way. Wonder Woman’s war with The First Born will hopefully be a defining moment for the character. If this issue is any indication, it will be.


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