By Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki and Fco

Zero Year may be going on a tad too long, but it certainly is impressive. Little things that you may think don’t matter end up coming around and slapping you in the face. Snyder deserves credit for knowing what he’s doing with Bats. After the events of last issue, Bruce wakes up after a very long period of time. Gotham City has become The Last of Us, full of post-apocalyptic terror. Why Bruce was out for so long and then suddenly awake and perfectly fine is the only part of the story that doesn’t click. It’s just a cheap way to speed up time.

After that nonsense, it’s smooth sailing. The Riddler is showing his prowess by taking over the entire city. Most of the dialogue is cleverly written in riddles or puzzles, tying everything into the premise of Riddler’s challenge to the people: if anybody can present a riddle that he can’t solve, then he will give the city back to the people. It’s fun to watch the citizens of Gotham in complete fear of somebody like Nygma. Like past issues of Zero Year, Snyder spends some more time establishing the Gordon/Batman relationship. It never gets old, either. Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see from their partnership, Snyder adds a new wrinkle that blows your mind.

What else can be said about Greg Capullo? He’s simply incredible. He really should make a bad issue, just so we have something new to talk about. His detail is ridiculous. Even the dirt and grime on the characters is apparent and helps establish just how bad things have become. Capullo has taken storytelling through art to a whole new level.

If Zero Year is going to be this good, then it can go ahead and last forever. Snyder and Capullo are really rolling. It’s redundant to tell anybody to buy this series, since everybody is buying it. Buy two copies?


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