By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz

“Capacitor drain will result in—“

“Shut up – – full power damn it!”

Let me know when you’re done staring at the cover to Batman and Robin #37, it’s okay go ahead, I’ll wait. Done? What you see on the cover…this encounter happens! Batman has traveled a long distance to get back his son from Darkseid, like, farther than your last family vacation. Along for the ride – even after Batman told them not to follow is Red Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Cyborg, (and don’t forget the dog!).

This issue finds Batman finally reaching his big confrontation with Darkseid as we see his time on Apokolips draw to an end. Batman is on a mission – and he doesn’t often leave without getting what he wants. Writer Peter J. Tomasi has put Bruce Wayne through an array of emotion in regards to dealing with the death of his son Damian – he betrayed the Justice League, made amends with his bat-family before going on a mission where he very well could have died without their help, and the end result shows just how powerful Batman can be – and Tomasi pulled this off from beginning to end.

On the artwork side of this issue is penciller Patrick Gleason, inker Mick Gray, and colorist John Kalisz. This issue once again, being on Apokolips, is covered in a lot of red and black mixed in the backgrounds, and the fight scene between Bats and Darkseid explodes on numerous pages (you get the fight you’re looking for!). There’s a scene during the fight that stands out quite a bit – a part where Darkseid gets the upper hand, or foot? He’s stomping Batman’s face into the ground as the whole page is colored in a deep red by Kalisz. Gray’s inks define the characters as Darkseid raises his hands into the air in triumph – apparently unaware whom he’s up against. Behind Darkseid in this scene you can see Damian’s coffin falling away in the background, a great reminder by Gleason as he shows us the main reason why Batman is not about to give up in this fight.

Batman spent awhile on Apokolips, but did he finish the mission he set out to do? If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past month chances are you already know what’s coming, but this issue gets you there with enough action to satisfy your longing for a Batman vs. Darkseid rematch.



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