By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Blond

“AHAHAHA! It’s like Christmas!”

Who’s going to fill this hole? Seriously…who? Arkham Asylum has been destroyed, leaving its newest inmate Alfred Pennyworth stuck under some rubble! No need to fear however, since Bane (notice the cover) noticed Alfred’s swagger and has decided he could use someone like Alfred tagging along with him as they make their way through Gotham’s underground. What’s going on up top though?

Ray Fawkes is the one scripting this week’s issue of Batman Eternal #31 and he does a fantastic job of showing us how the aftermath of the asylum’s destruction is taking its toll above and below. He does so with plenty of action, showing us what Batman is dealing with as well as what Alfred is dealing with – and makes sure to keep Penny-two plenty busy. An asylum containing Gotham’s wildest bunch has been destroyed? I wonder if a few of them got out in the chaos…I wonder who will stop them…

Batman! Was that…was that your guess? Batman, the man who has everything (except well…okay not everything) shows up to save the day/night. This is where some of Fernando Pasarin’s awesome work comes into play in a big way. A great scene shows Batman getting ready to knock out Mr. Freeze – what makes it even more cool (get it?) is the way Batman’s prepared himself for the fight. Bat’s hands are ignited, as well as his gauntlets, with a burning red that Blond colors perfectly. It looks as if Batman’s fists are on fire, which complements really well with Freeze’s hands which are showed in an increasing frost (kind of looks like how the Avatar controls water, you know what I mean?). This all happens while Batman is talking with Penny-two and giving her positive reinforcement – thus creating some humor in the story and implying that knocking out Mr. Freeze is just another day in Gotham compared to Penny-two getting a gold star on her homework.

This week’s issue was great, Fawkes and the whole creative team crafted an excellent story, filled with action, great artwork, and plenty of humor (the Alfred/Bane dynamic was unexpected and enjoyable).

“You know, where I come from, we introduce ourselves to traveling companions. My name is Alfred.”

“Shut up.”


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