By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz

“I applaud your stealth, but more your change of heart.”

“How did you know we’d come back?”

“Because you’re family, that’s why.”

Peter J. Tomasi brings us to the planet Apokolips in this issue of Batman and Robin #35. As we’ve seen already, Batman has totally lost it. He has a one track mind and all he sees is his son Damien – his body – waiting to be rescued. Tomasi does a great job of creating a story where his rage is apparent, and he blends it well with the worry and sincerity of his Bat-family back in Gotham. They may have had their troubles, but when Batman is in danger they all know it’s time to jump in and help him.

On the art side of this issue is Patrick Gleason on pencils, accompanied by Mick Gray on inks (feels like I’m introducing a band), and John Kalisz providing the colors. From the very first page a shadow of Batman can be seen on the Mars-like ground of Apokolips as he makes his way towards his first victim. Lava pits spewing up in the background remind us from the start that Apokolips is not a fun place to be – do they even have cotton candy there?

How’s Batman trying to extract information from the inhabitants of Apokolips? With friendly conversation and threats of violence of course! A scene featuring Batman in his Hellbat suit shows off his anger perfectly. Gleason depicts this dark looming figure as Batman lifts up a crony and shouts “Godfrey!” in an attempt to get a location on his prey. Gray scours the Hellbat in inks and leaves spaces for Kalisz to brings in the bright reds of his costume that correlate to the red flames emerging from the background.

What’s more important than family? Nothing! As Batman is on the hunt for Damien his own family is on the hunt for him – but will he accept their help? Or shun them for following him into danger?


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