By Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera & Dean White

The wait is over; a new issue of Black Science comes out this week. The end of the last issue saw the lead character Grant McKay killed (sorry, spoiler) and the warning of a brief hiatus causing fans to contemplate pulling their hair out in anticipation with what would come next. Black Science returns basically where it left off. Grant is gone but he has trusted his children and the rest of the team’s survival in the hands of Kadir.

When the series first began it was easy to pigeonhole Kadir as the bureaucratic, conniving asshole of the group who basically put all of them in this very mess that has seen so many of their friends die. However, Remender reminds us of how well he writes versatile and multifaceted characters. Kadir has shown signs of a more compassionate person in past issues but this issue truly is the beginning of his redemption. This was a really strong issue to return with, being basically a long rescue/escape with a rough ending that makes you immediately want to read the next issue.

Matteo Scalera is one of the best and most unique artists to break into the scene lately. His art truly does have the ability to suck the reader into the story. He also is incredibly good at handling chase scenes or battle scenes, which this issue is a perfect example of. His action scenes always give you that intense edge-of-you-seat feeling while still flowing really well. When you team Scalera’s style with Dean White’s painted art, it makes an already good thing greater. Together they make Black Science‘s multi-dimensional worlds that much more fun and interesting for readers.

This issue was definitely worth the wait, it even feels like they were never gone. Black Science is a series that really scratches that high-concept science fiction itch that a lot of comic readers are always dying for. Welcome back, Black Science. Now please give us the next issue!



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