By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta & Frank Martin

After a meeting between the nation’s various faction leaders ended in threats and bloodshed, war has begun in the pages of East of West. While Death has made an unlikely comrade on his search for his long lost son, the members of the Endless Nation have begun their attack against the other horsemen.  Now that everyone has made their move and an epic war on the horizon, East of West has found a way to heighten the already high stakes of this series.

There is no denying how skilled of a writer Jonathan Hickman is but the series East of West just might be his absolute best work which is saying a lot. This beautifully creepy world he has built that combines a classic western surrounded with science fiction style advanced technology has now brought readers deep into its mythology. Now that all the pieces have been set and war has begun, this series has hit an incredible stride that makes for a fantastic read every month.

When discussing the deep and gorgeous world of East of West you have to give a lot of credit to the team of artist Nick Dragotta and colorist Frank Martin. Every single page of the series so far has been a blast to look at. Every character has their own unique design that makes them stand out, including all of the different factions that make up this weird neo-wild west. One of the stand out pieces of art in this issue is the return of Ezra, a man the horsemen bonded to a tentacle laden monster earlier in the series. This is an incredible art team who mesh extremely well with Hickman’s bizarre story. It’s worth the cover price just to look at the art in every issue of East of West.

How can you not be reading this series right now? East of West is everything great about the comic medium done right by a group of skilled and like-minded creators. Every single issue has been a delight to read and always leaves you wanting more and looking forward to next month. East of West is just one of those series that makes you excited to be reading comics.


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