By Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto

Black Widow #3 is another stand alone mission for Natasha Romanoff, and with it comes the fun and spy thrills that were in the first two issues. The series has taken on a mission-of-the-month style, each issue telling an open and closed story, to great success.

Nathan Edmondson spends the third issue taking another look at how Black Widow views the world, while also letting her lay a beat down on some baddies. The majority of the issue is Black Widow monologuing and it feels like the reader is in her head as the mission is playing out. Edmondson’s insights to how Natasha views life continue to be an interesting hook with this series.

Artist Phil Noto draws another great issue. Since a large portion of the story is little bits of Black Widow’s thoughts, Noto’s storytelling becomes paramount to the success of the issue. From the beginning of the prison break all the way to the bloody end, Noto’s layouts and pencils sell what is happening.

Three issues in and this series has been a refreshing break from the month long story arcs that have become commonplace in comics. Each issue is wholly-enjoying and new reader friendly. It’s nice to know there are still pick-up and go comics out there.


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