By Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo

After the revelations of issue #27, Green Arrow #28 deals with the fallout of those revelations while moving plot pieces in areas away from the island. The Outsiders War had two issues of balls-to-the-wall action so it was nice this issue slowed down (relatively speaking) to let the readers catch their breath.

Jeff Lemire nails Ollie’s reaction to the end of last issue (which won’t be spoiled here) and a large portion of the issue is him dealing with the shock of what he learns. What is just, if not more, interesting in the issue is another peak at The Outsiders society and how they are run. We haven’t seen much of The Outsiders and this issue looks at their politics and some of the turmoil their group is facing.

On the art end of things, it won’t come as a shock to learn that it looks incredible. Andrea Sorrentino layouts are stupendous, especially when he draws some flashback/recap scenes during the issue and it has been preached here at All-Comic before but Marcelo Maiolo deserves some front cover recognition for how much his work adds to the art. Sorrentino and Maiolo have become a powerhouse duo in the industry.

Green Arrow #28 slows down the pace of The Outsiders War, which is just what readers needed. Even though the issue’s paces slows down a bit, the quality stays right up there as one of the best DC is putting out thanks to the creative efforts of Lemire, Sorrentino and Maiolo.


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