By Vernon Whitlock III, Matthew Scott Krentz, Marat Mychaels, Deitrich Smith, Don Ho, Doug Zolondek, Doug Sirois

“Mr. Yamamoto, we have a problem.”

“What kind of problem?”

And so it begins…

It’s revealed what the brothers have been framed for and the price on their heads – $2,000,000! And now everyone and their grandmothers (okay, maybe not their grandmothers) is out to get them. It’s a good thing these two are so optimistic, right?

Writers Vernon Whitlock III and Matthew Scott Krentz go for the straight forward approach with Blaze Brothers #3 as we’re shown the task they’ve been assigned and how it goes from bad to worse. Again we see the difference between the two brothers play out nicely. Jack is focused and always on task, while Billy continues to be immature, but luckily for him his big brother has a knack for fixing this screw ups – but will be able to fix things this time?

Pencillers Marat Mychaels and Deitrich Smith are once again accompanied by inkers Don Ho and Doug Zolondek along with colorist Doug Sirois. Just as we saw in the last issue, a lot of the panels don’t draw attention to the background, often times leaving things undetailed or just plain colors. The focus throughout the story is kept on the brothers. Much like in the issues prior there is a strong approach towards action, but for those looking for a good story you can find that in this series as well. The action this time around comes in the form of a car chase, and guns going off like crazy (you had swordplay last issues, and now car chases?! Hooray!). Mychaels and Smith  along with inkers Don Ho and Zolondek do a great job with the car scene, and they show off well how the brothers react to situations like this – they’re crazy!

Colorist Sirois does a lot with this scene as well, as the approaching car is vibrant and colorful next to the black car of the Blaze brothers. The characters inside the car are also wearing vibrant colors, and hoping they have enough ammo to take their claim of the bounty.


These brothers have been framed for something they didn’t do, and now we get to see what happened and how it’s all blowing up in their faces. Will they be able to clear their names before someone else claims their bounty?

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