By Vernon Whitlock III, Matthew Scott Krentz, Marat Mychaels, Deitrich Smith, Don Ho, Doug Zolondek, Doug Sirois

“Sometimes you do not choose an ass whipping. Sometimes an ass whipping chooses you.”

Blaze Brothers #2 continues the action packed story of two brothers framed for something they didn’t do, and willing to take on anyone out for the bounty on their heads. Think of it as a cross between Boondock Saints and Quantum and Woody…yeah…sounds pretty awesome right? It is!

Writers Vernon Whitlock III and Matthew Scott Krentz continue the story of Jack and Billy as this issue is used to recount some of the events that had taken place in the past. A scene depicting a covert mission gone wrong shows some of what the brothers have been through together, and how they overcame a betrayal within the team. Even though these brothers have very different personalities, they always seem to have the other’s back, no matter what – and with the flashback scene this is shown off very well, and we also get a cool scene featuring some swordplay.

On the art side of this issue are pencillers Marat Mychaels and Deitrich Smith along with inkers Don Ho and Doug Zolondek and colorist Doug Sirois. Mychaels and Smith keep in line with the style of the last issue as they bring the brothers along on another journey. This time they visit their dojo, one to ask for forgiveness, and the other to receive the “whipping” that has seemingly chosen him. In the beginning scene there isn’t anything going on in the background of the panels, but this works well to focus on the fight or “whipping” occurring in the foreground.

Inkers Don Ho and Zolondek have a lot to do in this opening scene as well, as the panels play a lot with the lighting as well as the shadows during the fight between master and pupil. Dressed in all black each brother has their role in the dojo, Jack is calm and willing to learn and ask forgiveness, as Billy is irrational and quick to react to any situation – most often approaching those situations unprepared.

Colorist Doug Sirois has a lot of fun with different scenes and flashbacks. A flashback taking place during their covert mission has the first scene of it soaked in red and brings the reader a sense of alarm, and causing us to wonder where this scene will take us.

Issue two of this eight issue series gives us some background on the brothers, telling us what they’ve been through, what they’ve lost, and what they have or haven’t learned so far. Something this issue definitely does is bring the action, so if that’s what you’re looking for pick up a copy!


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