By Vernon Whitlock III, Matthew Scott Krentz, Marat Mychaels, Deitrich Smith, Don Ho, Doug Zolondek, Doug Sirois

Two million dollars. Anything less than five is just insulting…”

The bounty is set and the Blaze brothers are looking for a way out, but first they have to get something back that’s been taken from them.

Writers Vernon Whitlock III and Matthew Scott Krentz use this issue to show how the brothers are handling their new-found fame. The price on their head is high (but according to Billy a bit insulting) and they have only a few days to get out of the country. First off though, they’re going to need some new suits.

The emphasis in this issue is still very much on the action. The brothers make their way back to the dojo only to find someone else has been expecting them. Cue to the kung-fu fight scene! Pencillers Marat Mychaels and Deitrich Smith use this scene to focus on the violence as well as the speed of the characters within such an action sequence. Blades and bullets are flying through the air as people are either dodging or being hit by the projectiles – don’t worry, the good guys know how to dodge, the bad guys…not so much. Shadows cover some of the grave faces in this scene by inkers Don Ho and Doug Zolondek. The attackers are dressed in all black and bursting from the ceiling – and there is an ample supply of them to be dealt with by the brothers and their master. Colorist Doug Sirois uses this scene to show off a lot of play with the colors amidst the violence. Swords are flying, as well as some heads, as Sirois does well to accentuate the blades and their impacts by blasting the colors and splattering them on the page.

This issue shows us how the brothers plan to clear their names after having been setup and wrongfully accused. A lot of people are out for their bounty, but is there anyone out there they can trust to help them?



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