By Ricardo Mo & Alberto Muriel

What would you do if you had super powers? That’s one of the many questions raised in Propeller #1. Rex Baldwin has spent his family fortune on old designs for teleportation in order to try and perfect them and make them work himself – which he does. Rex shows us his abilities right from the start during a bank robbery. Men in masks having everyone on the ground, but for some reason one of the hostages has a smirk on his face, and it isn’t long until we find out why.

Writer Ricardo Mo takes the reader into a story focusing on an average guy with some personal flaws dealing with his new-found super-powered abilities. What would happen if some of the most famous heroes didn’t have that instinctive drive to do good and save others? How would they act? What types of things would they do? Those are questions Mo sets out to answer in this creative story focusing on Rex and his friend Hudson. Hudson wants to help Rex, but the powers seem to be going to his head.

The artist on this series is Alberto Muriel. Muriel keeps the artwork on this issue in black and white, but in doing so doesn’t seem to take anything away from the pages. The panels are detailed and shaded well and hold your interest from one panel to the next. During the opening bank robbery scene Muriel does a great job showing just how Rex’s power works and how he uses it for good and also his own personal gain. As Rex knows he has to save himself in the struggle we first see him lock eyes with something else he wants to take away. But in saving himself he of course saves everyone else in the bank, and one of them wants to cash in on Rex’s new-found ability.

Propeller is a series that brings up the idea of masks and what we’re all trying to hide. Each person walks around with a mask, from one facet of life to the next, we might even change our masks throughout the day. This series adds another level to that notion, and explores what would happen if someone was given powers, and how it would make them react on a personal and realistic level.


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