Welcome to a new continuing series of articles, Character Spotlight! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing character profiles for each book in the Valiant stable as a way to introduce new readers to the characters. This week, we’ll be highlighting characters from the hilarious, action-packed buddy team, Archer and Armstrong.

The One Percent

Age: Various

Skills: Highly influential, vast wealth resources

Background: The One Percent is a secret cabal within The Sect, consisting of Wall Street businessmen who worship the demon Mammon. To them, “Greed is Godly” (Archer & Armstrong #1) and they look at every event in terms of how it can benefit their bottom line. They are based at Federal Hall in the Financial District of New York City, NY. They are responsible for capturing both Archer & Armstrong shortly after the duo met, and later attempted to kill the new Geomancer, Kay McHenry.

One Percent

A huge thanks to Brett Simon for providing this character profile. Brett writes for Moar Powah! and co-hosts the Renegades: Talking Valiant podcast. Follow him on Twitter, @simonsezstuff.

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