by Robert Venditti, Diego Bernard

Yesterday saw the thrilling conclusion to the Armor Hunters saga which ends here with X-O Manowar #29. With the hunters defeated, what could be Aric’s next mission? Find out in our review!

The story

When we last left Malgam at the end of Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #3, he has been contained inside a force field prison inside what remains of the M.E.R.O. base deep underground, alone and left to fend for himself. As the issue opens, a group of men in hazmat suits enter M.E.R.O. and offer him a way out, and a cure for his viral infection – his own armor. As Malgam is convinced of the men’s intentions, one of them betrays the rest of the team and deploys the sterilization protocols inside Malgam’s cell in order to destroy what’s left of Malgam, and turn him into a new armor orb.

After being absent from his titular book for several issues, Aric makes a triumphant return just in time to save Malgam from being destroyed. Aric uses his own suit to communicate with Malgam’s armor and convince him that a cure is real. Because of Aric’s control over his own armor, he is able to give Malgam a semblance of control, turning Malgam into an ally.

As the two head off, Colonel Capshaw is seen talking to a member of MI-6 and reveals that she has Reebo’s armor-killing spear in her possession.

Armor Hunters was an action-packed event, so it was really nice to see Robert Venditti step it down a notch for this issue. The interaction between Colonel Capshaw and Aric at the beginning of the book was really interesting, especially considering there may be a secret plot brewing in the background – no doubt as part of the upcoming Armorines arc this November. It was amazing to finally have Aric gain his official title, X-O Manowar, a title referring to his new status as executive office, and Capshaw’s second in command. I guess saving the world from an alien threat certainly has its advantages!

The art

Diego Bernard continues to impress in the art department. There were a few panels that lacked in overall detail, but those were few and far between and the art is generally clean and polished. Huge props to Romulo Fajardo on his color work as it really compliments Bernard’s art quite well.


This issue serves as a bridge between Armor Hunters and the upcoming Armorines arc and I couldn’t be happier. Venditti and Bernard continue to steer this book in the right direction and this issue proves why X-O Manowar continues to be Valiant’s flagship title.

X-O Manowar

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