All-New Comic Shoot NOW! Derek and Tyler look at the State of Marvel from the beginning of Marvel NOW! as a follow up to last week’s show about the State of DC Comics. Sure, we get distracted and talk about Image Comics and it’s hard to find negatives about Marvel but, hey, it’s an uncensored and unedited show so what can you do? Make sure you comment, email us, subscribe and rate us on iTunes and we’ll be back next week with another show. As soon as we figure out what it’s going to be about… Oh, and Derek chokes on his mic. Fun times!


Today's intro music is "Dismantle the Dictator" by Revocation. Check out and buy the album on iTunes!
Today’s intro music is “Dismantle the Dictator” by Revocation. Check out and buy the album on iTunes!

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  • Great episode as always, guys! Have you considered doing an Image chat next time? Also I’d love to hear your take on the state of comic movies, in terms of stories, character choices, etc., and additionally maybe what you’d like to see — for me, personally, I’d love Marvel to get the rights to Deadpool back, because the formerly announced movie is clearly never getting made, and I’d rather it be done in-house than sit in development hell forever. I’d also love to see DC get back on the ball with the movies; Dark Knight Rises was a letdown, I’ve only seen half of Man of Steel but I’m not sure that I’m a massive fan of that one, and there are dozens of characters who could carry a movie if done properly. I still maintain that Green Lantern could have been really good, if only they hadn’t cast Blake Lively and had a better and more cohesive storyline that actually made sense at the end. Because I personally though Reynolds was a good choice for Hal, and the animations for the Guardians, Kilowag, and Sinestro were totally spot on, everything I could have wanted for those characters. But I think the poor acting on Lively’s part (I mean, seriously, she was just an awful choice) combined with a script that tried too much to be funny and serious at once without focusing on story… well we all saw what happened. I’d love to see DC pull it together and finally get a Justice League movie going, but I’d like them to actually give individual films to the main characters, which it seems they won’t do, given the way Batman/Superman is shaping up. It would also be cool if they ventured outside of the safe zone — all they ever do anymore is Batman origin stories followed by a few of his best known villains, and Superman origin stories followed by big overblown battles with Lex or Zod. Give me a live-action Superman vs. Doomsday movie, pull together the Justice League and bring on Darkseid and the parademons. Hell, do a live action Batman with Clayface or Killer Croc. Anything to break the monotonous cycle they have going.

    But that’s just me fanboy-ing over Marvel movies and wondering why DC won’t do anything to save themselves. What about you guys?

    • First off, damnit! I was going to do a Podcast shout out but was too wrapped up in the Marvel. Next week, Justin! We also spoke a lot about Image so I’m not sure we can do a full episode on it haha. As for movies… Green Lantern was an absolute travesty. Wolverine Origins was better than that pile of crap. I also would want a Doomsday live-action movie, that would rock super hard. I think DC is behind by YEARS in the movie department though so we’ll see… they gotta step their game up and hopefully Superman/Batman is the first step in the right direction. Also, lets get a GREEN LANTERN CORPS movie, with Kyle Rayner and have them do it, you know, not terrible.

      • Ahaha, don’t worry about it. But yeah the prolific Image tangents were what made me think about it, but Image is also kind of not a massive company. Maybe a combined Image/Dark Horse/InsertOtherCompany. Meh, whatever you guys decide on will be great.

        I’m wary about Superman/Batman only because I’m not sure I’m on board with all of the casting. Cavill is fine, of course. I’m not sure what to think about Affleck, but I’m kind of against Eisenberg as Luthor. He just looks way too young to me, especially playing opposite Affleck and Cavill. Irons as Alfred should be interesting, I’m sure he could pull it off, though I’d rather they go with a portrayal like the Earth-One Alfred, where he’s a badass middle-aged war vet. Actually I really hope they go that route, he’s got the right look for it. I just don’t think he’d be believable as the usual Gough/Caine/Comic/Cartoon/1966 Alfred. At any rate I agree that it could hopefully be stepping in the right direction. Finally having an actress for Wonder Woman and finally getting her onto the big screen will be a victory in and of itself, even if it’s only a cameo.

        Green Lantern Corps has the potential to be awesome. I have no strong feelings about whether or not to use Kyle, I don’t really know him that well. I kind of like John Stewart, but I grew up with the Justice League cartoon. Hal is probably my favorite, but it’s not really feasible to bring him back into the movie-verse right now, what with the bad taste of Reynolds’ film still lingering. But as long as they don’t go with Guy, I’m not really a fan of him, and I haven’t really encountered him too much either. He rubs me the wrong way.

        I’m a big Darkseid fanboy, so I’m definitely a proponent of bringing him into the movies, and with Age of Apocalypse announced from Marvel (well, Fox, but still Marvel property), it might not be a bad idea for DC to bring out Darkseid, given that Apocalypse is literally ripped off directly from Darkseid. Ideally they could preempt AoA, but that seems really unlikely if not impossible, unless they do like a Darkseid solo movie along similar lines to his Justice League 23.1 appearance, with his origin story. Which in the right hands could be pretty sweet.

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