By Mark Waid, Chris Samnee & Javier Rodriguez

Coming from someone who has read a lot of number ones, relaunch number ones, fake number ones and number ones of number ones, especially in recent memory, without a doubt Daredevil #1 stands freakishly tall over the rest of the crowd. It’s almost laughable to think about other examples of number one issues when you compare it to Daredevil and how utterly perfect this really was. Without a doubt, the thrilling first few pages of Daredevil will go down as one of the best opening sequences ever, followed by clean, quick and simple character recap for people who might be in the dark (no pun intended) about Daredevil and how he came to be.

Before we get into the genius that is Mark Waid, let’s stop and talk about the genius that is Chris Samnee and colorist Javier Rodriguez. Mentioned above was how clean and quick the Daredevil character recap page was and it came across as such, really, for the way that Samnee handled it; one page with a spectacular panel layout showing key scenes veteran DD readers will know like the backs of their hands, but it’s presented in such a way that you still stop and look at all the panels and take in the gorgeous work of Chris Samnee. Really and truly, Chris Samnee is a superstar, and together with Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez, this is a guy that Marvel needs to do whatever it takes to make sure he sticks around for the long haul.

Samnee just gets Daredevil; the fun, the action, the danger, the humor, and man you just gotta love the way he draws the radar. Having read a fair amount of Daredevil, though by no means the entire catalogue, it’s safe to put Samnee among the top artists to ever draw ol’ Horn Head and hopefully he’ll become one of the longest running Daredevil artists to go along with that. Oh, and let’s hope they keep Javier Rodriguez around too because, really, his color work is just superb and you’d be hard pressed to find another colorist with his skill and his ability to make it all look so easy and seamless while still keeping pace with somebody like Chris Samnee.

Now, obviously art is a huge part of this visual medium and the two guys mentioned above really elevate the script and make it damn beautiful on the page, but without a guy like Mark Waid, who’s to say where we’d be right now. When it was first announced originally that Mark Waid was going to write a character like Daredevil, well, you just couldn’t help but get excited. After reading his original 36 issue run, plus his four issues of Daredevil: Road Warrior that precede this number one, it’s safe to say that the excitement and anticipation pale in comparison to the excitement of this new direction and number one. Mark Waid has changed the status quo for Daredevil completely, and he’s telling a brand new story in a brand new city, more or less, with one of the best art teams on the planet. What’s not to love about that?

Look, Mark Waid is a superstar talent. Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez are superstar talents. Daredevil is a character who anybody can get behind and this is a story that new fans and old fans can easily get behind. Tired of the same ol’ Daredevil in New York being a lawyer and denying he’s Daredevil? Read this new series. Heard the hype about the last run and you’re curious about Daredevil? Read this new series. Have eyes and enjoy comics? Read. This. New. Series. Get the picture? No holding back here: you’re an idiot if you didn’t pick up this new number one issue. There’s something for everybody to enjoy, it’s done with the utmost care and respect to the character and the comic medium and it’s easily, EASILY, one of the best things you’ll spend $3.99 on, ever.

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