By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Kyle Giffen, Jesus Merino, Dan Green and Hi-Fi

“There are hundreds of those robots! You’ll never make it back to the Stormwatch carrier in time, Palmer!”

Futures End #24 starts off with some great scenes featuring Black Adam fending off robots and ends with a much anticipated SMAAASH!! – Trust me, you’ve been waiting for this SMASH!

Brian Azzarello and his fellow writers use this week to bring us once again into the turmoil facing Frankenstein and his usual team. They’re on the run from the attack by Braniac and have to deal with hundreds of his drones. Black Adam is doing his best to fend them off (he made a deal with Palmer – he helps them escape, they get him back to earth). This opening scene is action packed and is bookended nicely by the beginning of a scene we’ll see more of next week featuring Constantine and who he’s been dealing with (if you’ve been reading you should have a pretty good idea of who).

On the artwork side of things this week there’s Jesus Merino on pencils, Dan Green on inks, and colors by Hi-Fi. The opening scene that’s already been discussed features a lot of this art team’s talents – a panel featuring Black Adam being overwhelmed by the robots. Merino showcases this feeling well in Black Adam’s facial expression, which has his teeth gritted as he’s trying to fight enemies all around him. Hi-Fi brings some light into the dark surroundings of space as Black Adam’s hand cracks into an enemy above him, creating bright yellow sparks.

The events on Cadmus island are shown another perspective this week, and yay teleportation! But the real action happened at the beginning, and a great scene at the end is more than enough to be excited about next week’s issue!


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