Warning! Major Spoilers!

The seventh episode has delivered us possibly one of the better installments of so far of this season – and whilst yes, it may have been relatively light on action, Mockingbird still managed to give us a very strong episode that should put all the pieces together for an exciting showdown between Ser Gregor and Oberyn that should come in the next episode.

Dany plots her next move.
Dany plots her next move.

Tyrion, following his fantastic trial scenes in the previous episode, got some great scenes throughout the episode as his storyline was one of the more interesting ones this week. His scenes with Jamie and Bronn were great – but it was the exchanging of words with Obyeron that was the real highlight, as Oberyn agreed to be his champion for the Trial by Combat. Whilst I was disappointed that we didn’t actually get to see of the Trial by Combat this episode, the build-up has been great, and it should be very interesting to see where we go from here.

Arya’s story has improved a lot this week as well, with more screentime devoted to her and the Hound. There were some awesome interactions between the duo, and I wouldn’t mind if we had a whole episode devoted to these two characters, as along with Tyrion – they have been my favourite storylines so far in the series and I’m glad to see them receiving more attention.

Up north, Jon Snow is continuing to debate with his fellow members of the Night’s Watch about the fact that they should seal the tunnel underneath the Wall. It, like the Melisandre storyline – thrown in there seemingly at random, was one of the weaker parts of the episode and that could have been pulled off a lot better.

However, the brief scenes with Jon and Melisandre felt like the only parts of this episode that were lacking in quality. The Sansa and Littlefinger action was awesome, delivering a satisfying moment that ended the episode on a high. Whilst we have to wait for two weeks for the next episode, rather than the usual one, it ended on a neat cliffhanger (very nearly a literal one) that should be interesting going forward.

We also got to see Hot Pie back this week as he encountered Brienne and Podrick, who are on the road and looking for Sansa. However, as well as mistaking Brienne for a man, informed them that whilst he doesn’t know anything about Sansa, he does know about Arya – who is on the run with the Hound, and presumed dead ever since the death of her father way back in Season 1.

With Dany, we got some scenes with her, Daario and Jorah in quick succession. We got to see her plot her next moves in Slaver’s Bay, as well as improve her relationship with Daario. This wasn’t one of the stronger moments of this episode, but at the same time, it wasn’t as weak as the Jon or Melisandre sections.

The big shock moments of this episode came from the death of Lysa at the hands of Littlefinger. Book readers may have known it was coming but I was still shocked in the way it was handled, with Littlefinger giving Lysa just enough time to make her know that it was Catelyn who he had always loved, before killing her. Of course, I’ve already mentioned the earlier twist, but Oberyn agreeing to help Tyrion in order to get revenge on Ser Gregor works so well, and things should be great indeed in the episodes to come as we reach the latter stages of Season 4.

Mockingbird is perhaps one of the best episodes of the fourth season to date. Arya, Tyrion and Sansa all get some great scenes throughout the episode which continues to surprise and entertain. The two week wait is going to be a problem, but when this show does return for the last three episodes, it should be very interesting indeed.


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