Ghostbusters #15


By Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening & Luis Antonio Delgado

In the latest entry into Mass Hysteria, an old character favorite is introduced in this comic mythos! The Ghostbusters are finally piecing the clues together to who Tiamat is and her agenda. My favorite Extreme Ghostbuster, Eduardo Rivera, gets some panel action!

There wasn’t anything plot-wise that was shocking or surprising. This is the rising action to the climax of the story, so taking that into consideration, one can forgive this. What saves this particular issue are the new characters brought into the story. This not only ties with the original material/film, but also expands and opens the story for this current run. One can’t help but become excited at the prospect some fascinating tales are to come from this. Also, there are some great easter eggs throughout; pay particular attention to the pages in Ray’s Occult Books shop!

Tiamat may be Dan Schoening’s most terrifying design for an entity. Every panel she’s in, just packs a punch. This is in no small part to Luis Antonio Delgado’s color work. The background colors really bring the attention and focus to that character and sent the dark tone in those panels. This is just a great artistic team!

Ghostbuster fans need to pick this up. New reader’s may want to pick up the previous two issues to catch-up. Stick with this story, it’s bound to be good.